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Friday, August 6, 2010

My family today

I was talking to Jenny the other day and she was wanting to see my kids. :) I was telling her Hannah has really long hair...at the moment. I'd like to get it cut and donated. I did Lauren's that way. I took pictures of them tonight before bedtime. I can't seem to get pictures done when we are headed to church. We have just enough time to get out the door and pictures just aren't on the agenda. :) I know I should do better so I can get some nice pictures. They are growing a wee bit too fast to say the least.
I have pictures of Levi in a rim that Shane bought for his truck. :) It is cute. The kids said he climbed in there all by himself. It is sweet.
We are doing well around here. Still hanging in there and praying the Lord's will for our lives. I know we'll know in His timing. Our hearts are certainly still in WA. I know God knows our desires.
I don't think I posted Levi's nine month stats. He is a tall skinny boy. I tend to grow them that way. :) Thankfully they have their dad's height and not their mom's "shorts". HEE HEE! :) Anyway, he was 18.6 pounds and just under 30 inches. That is 95% for height and less than 25% for weight. LOL! :) He has a couple curls that are quite precious. I have a picture in there and hopefully you can see them. Shane told me not to get too attached. LOL! No worries, but they are pretty cute while they last. I guess it is hair that never fell out on each side above his ears.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

It has been a while...

I am telling ya, my time is flying out the door and before I knew it, I turned FORTY!! WOWZERS! I don't even know yet what I think of that. I am still trying to comprehend that one. The show must go on. Time did NOT stand still July 7th so now I am forty and three days. LOL! :) I did not have a big day that day. Shane is out of town...well the country, having fun shooting in Canada. But we did get to go away for about 24 hours Sunday afternoon to Monday afternoon. When you have four kids, one of which is 9 mos. old, 24 hours alone is a GRAND thing! :)

He took me to Myrtle Beach to a really nice place. We had breakfast, alone, LOL...it's the four kid thing again. :) We played putt putt golf, had ice cream...alone...HEE HEE! Then what is a couple with four kids to do next? We came home. HA HA HA!! :) We were going to go to a Japanese steakhouse, but it was closed, so I have a rain check for when he gets home. :) I'll post pictures from the place.

About that nine month old I have. That boy is a HOOT! He is standing now all by himself. He actually stood straight up from a sitting position Wed. His favorite thing is for him to pull up with my hands then let go and stand. He has made that a fun time. He is a really cute feller. (Yep, the one picture, he is chewing on a chicken bone and would not let it go.) :)

My dear friend that kept the kids Sunday night helped me get him started on a sleeping routine. Yes, he is nine months old and sleeping allll night has not been his best quality. Two nights ago he slept from 9:30 to 8:10! Talk about NICE!! Last night was a challenge, but at least we are on a better road than before.

I haven't taken him for his well baby check up yet. That will be the 14th, so I'll post his stats at that point.

Hannah turned 6 last month. She is amazing to say the least! You can't spend any time with her and not crack up. She chatters a LOT...we are still trying to figure out where on earth she gets that from. :-P She is a doll!

Lauren is getting older too. ): She has been my right hand girl. And left. She helps me SO much with Levi. I am not sure how I'd survive without her help.

Samuel actually helps too, but would rather be reading. :) He and Lauren have read more books in a year than I have my lifetime. Thankfully they have Shane's love for reading. He does love cooking too. That is pretty neat. He makes better scrambled eggs than I do. :)

I do hope everyone is doing well. We are hanging in here. We are still not sure what we're going to do when Shane grows up, but thankfully the Lord knows and we'll continue to rely on Him to direct us.

Take care and my the Lord be with you all!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Levi 6 months

He is over six months now, but I haven't had a chance to even take pictures. Time has gotten away from me.
At his six month appointment he was 16 pounds 10 ounces and 27 inches long. He is pretty sweet. Life would be grand, but he has had three ear infections. ): He has fluid in his ears still. We may end up with tubes which would be better than having to hear him cry all the time. I have a lot of problems with mine so I know how he feels.
I got some pictures today, but he didn't give a smile. :) He was cute anyway.
Hope everyone is doing well.

Friday, February 12, 2010

It really CAN snow in South Carolina!!!

They say the last time it snowed was Jan 25, 2000 and I totally remember that because Lauren was due any day and was born Jan 31. I went out an made a snowman then. :) Lauren made this one this year. She wanted my help. I told her I was too old. LOL! She laughed at me. But I am telling ya, snow is quite beautiful when viewed from the warmth of my home. :) We could get up to 6 inches before it is over. I am not sure we'll see that much here, but I can tell ya it is beautiful!! We were driving in it which I love seeing it fall from the sky when you drive.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Levi 4 months

He is growing like a weed still. :) I took a few pictures of him tonight and there is one of him where his older siblings put glasses on him. It is too cute. :) He weighed 14 pounds 14 ounces at his 4 month appointment. He was just over 25 inches long.